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FAQ's about Wills

 Please note that from 1 August 2018, MIFQ merged with RFQ.

Please also see for information on services provided by the merged entity.

a.   Who leaves gifts in their Will?

People just like you, who want to make a difference to the lives of their loved ones and to the causes that they care about. You don’t need to be extremely wealthy in order to make a gift, almost all of us have assets and we all have the right to decide how they are distributed.

b.   Why should I make a Will?

Making a Will allows you to control who will receive your hard earned assets after your lifetime. It also means that your family and loved ones will understand your wishes and won’t be faced with any stressful legal proceedings in relation to your estate.

c.    What happens if I don’t make a Will?

Australia has laws that apply when a person passes away without making a Will (Intestacy laws). The Courts will apply these laws to your estate and will decide how your assets will be distributed. This might mean that your assets won’t end up with the people that you would have chosen.

d.   Can I draw up my own Will?

While there are kits available that you can use to draw up your own Will we strongly recommend seeking legal advice. There are strict rules around how Wills need to be drawn up and issues such as tax which you may not be aware of without seeking professional advice.

e.   How do I find a lawyer to draw up my Will?

You can search the Queensland Law Society’s website to find a solicitor in your area.

f.    How much will it cost to write my Will?

The cost of having a Will drawn up starts at around $100. People who have complex estates or complicated wishes will normally require a more complex Will, so the cost will increase accordingly.

g.   Who will know about the gift in my Will?

You don’t have to tell anyone about your plan to leave a gift in your Will. However, we strongly recommend that your talk through your plans with your loved ones and take advice from a solicitor.

We would love to know if you plan to leave a gift in your Will so that we can thank you, acknowledge your support and invite you to become a Forever Member.

But if you would like to remain anonymous we will honour your request.

h.   Can I select how my gift is spent?

We promise to use your gift wisely, for the benefit of those who most need help and in the most responsible manner possible.

Over time the needs that MIFQ addresses will change and a project which is necessary today may not be required in the future. By leaving a gift without placing restrictions on how it can be spent you will allow us to direct your donation to the areas of greatest need.

But we understand that you may have a region or project which is very close to your heart. If this is the case, then we would encourage you to talk to us about different options that will meet your needs.

i.     How much should my gift be?

The size of your gift is entirely your decision. We are grateful for all of the gifts that we receive, regardless of their value. You can choose to tell us the details of your gift or to keep the amount of the gift private.